Innovative Solution
Based on our patented CTS technologies, Planexus antennas are designed at K/Ka bands. Our solutions are aimed at multiple civil and military applications, both fixed and mobile : aeronautical, maritime, railway, and for various special vehicules in constrained environments.

Supporting multi-beam architecture and polarization control, Planexus antennas are optimized for LEO satellites and can be adapted to MEO and GEO satellites. The beam scanning is carried out using two strategies : purely mechanics, or in a hybrid way (electronics and mechanics).

Efficient Architecture
Competing solutions currently available on the market require two separate antennas : one for Tx and one for Rx. Planexus patented CTS technology allows to develop very wide band antennas (17 to 31 GHz). Thus, only one Planexus antenna is sufficient for Tx and Rx links in K/Ka bands at high data rate and in full duplex.

Cts Pcb Antenna Planexus Blanc Vertical
Pcb 883x1000
  • Innovative solution consisting of a single radiating aperture capable of simultaneously providing both uplink and downlink (Tx & Rx), at K/Ka bands.
  • Oustanding performance level in terms of beam scanning capabilities from 20° in elevation up to 90° over a 60% bandwidth.
  • Ultra-flat antenna, less than 10 cm thick with a diagonal of 53 cm.
  • High reliability and lower consumption. Because Planexus’ solution only uses a single antenna for both TX and RX, this considerably reduces the electronics and mechanics required for the antenna system, and thus increase MTBF.
  • Lower cost solution, much cheaper than current market leading products.

Typical Specs for
CTS Array Antenna

Operating Band
Tx : 27.5 - 31 GHz
Rx : 17 - 21.2 GHz
Tx: average 32.1 dBi
Rx: average 31.9 dBi
G / T
10.7 dB/K (PCB) @ 30°;
14.7 dB/K (Air) @ 30°
52 dBW @ 30° Elev. 50 W BUC
Beamwidth (Elev. 90°)
average 2.5° for both Tx & Rx
< -20 dB (Possible -25 dB)
Circular Polarization
Axial Ratio
< 2 dB
Azimuth Coverage
Elevation Coverage
+25° to +90° (Extendible to +7.5° - 90°)
Tracking Accuracy
External Dimensions
447 mm × 320 mm × 81 mm
10 Kg